Terms and conditions

If you have no account and place an order you will receive an email automatically.
This email contains your login details and a link to confirm your order and identity. After confirming you can log in to our webshop and your order will be processed.
Be sure your account details are correct so we can process your order correctly.
You can always change your account details after logging in and go to 'my files'.
If you've lost your password you can click on 'lost your password'. If you fill in your email address you'll receive a new password which you'll receive in an email.

If you have chosen 'postage paid', please wait with your payment until after you've received an email when everything is on stock or ready do be delivered.
You will receive an email when your order is sent to you by TNT.

If you have chosen 'COD' (only in the Netherlands), your order will be send within 2 day's, when the articles are on stock. You will receive an email when your order is sent tot you by TNT.

For orders outside the Netherlands you'll receive an email with the exact shipping costs. These depends on the weight of the package.

Articles aren't always on stock, we aim to have all the products we show on our website on stock but some articles (colours/models) have longer delivery times.
All offers are depending an availability (price- and colourchanges reserved)

If you have ordered multiple articles and and some have a long delivery-time (i.e. pre-order) we reserve the right to send you the other reserved articles by mutual agreement.
Normally we hold on to reserved articles for a month.
Delayed articles will be send later, eventually with the next order.
Note: If send later you have to pay shipping costs twice.

For postage paid orders (in the Netherlands) over 100,- (without shipping costs!) there will be 2,99 shipping costs.

If an article is damaged on delivery you can, after mutual agreement by phone or email, send it back to us within 14 days and it will fully refunded. We will compensate the shipping cost on your next order or refund on your account.
Note: we do not accept unstamped packages.

If an article is not what you expected you can always return the item in original and undamaged packaging to us on your own cost.
After receiving the parcel we will check the model and pay you back the cost for the model (not the shipping cost).

When returning, please enclose a copy of the invoice or a note with name and order number.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept unstamped shipments.

Orders below 15,00 (without shipping costs) will be charged with 2,00.

When paying with a credit card, handling and administration costs are charged, these are for your own account.

During transport it can happen that a shipment is (much) delayed or can even go missing.
We always initiate an official investigation on behalf of our courier, PostNL.
Please keep in mind that an investigation within Europe can take at least 6 weeks and outside Europe even up to 3 months.
Only then can we, after completing such an investigation in case of loss, send a new package or refund the purchase amount.

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3rd traffic light turn right (Beware: sign says 'Baanstee West').
1st crossing turn right.
After 300 meters on your left hand side.